Winning the arms race (made you look!)

In women’s online race to acquire beta orbiters and ensure that the maximum number of men know that their bodies are sexy, it is tough for a woman to stand out while still pretending to not be seeking sexual attention.  One Tennessee coed has succeeded using a clever ploy that no one, especially thirsty beta orbiters, will ever suspect.

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An excellent piece at the Federalist.

Matthew Cochran at the Federalist kindly links to a recent post of mine in: If You Want Men In Your Church, Stop Treating Them With Contempt

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Larry Kummer also has a new post up titled:  Starting World War G: the gender wars

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How to spot a faker.

In the introduction of Reforming Marriage Pastor Wilson explains why some men do everything right but their wives are still unhappy.  The reason this happens is the man isn’t right with God (emphasis mine):

In other words, keeping God’s law with a whole heart (which is really what love is) is not only seen in overt acts of obedience. The collateral effect of obedience is the aroma of love. This aroma is out of reach for those who have a hypocritical desire to be known by others as a keeper of God’s law. Many can fake an attempt at keeping God’s standards in some external way. What we cannot fake is the resulting, distinctive aroma of pleasure to God.

…This is why I am afraid that this book will be of little use to those who simply want a “formula” to follow that will build them a happy marriage. When it comes to the externals, the mere copyist can always say of himself what the unregenerate Saul could say, “concerning the righteousness which is in the law, blameless” (Phil. 3:6). However hard the externalist tries, he cannot produce the aroma of godliness. This is why so many people attend marriage seminars and read marriage books with so little result. The obedience of the Christian man is not limited to new actions—actions which, after all, can be copied mechanically. This does not appear to be a rare or unusual error; many people who are miserable in their marriages are also those who have read all the books on how not to be. Of course, certain actions—godly obedience in externals—must be present in all healthy marriages; but in order to produce this distinctive aroma, the externals must proceed from new hearts.

…the love of the Christian husband does not proceed from reading the “right books,” including this one, or going to the right seminars. God will not patch His grace onto some humanistic psychological nonsense—even if that nonsense is couched and buried in Christian terminology.

When a husband seeks to glorify God in his home, he will be equipped to love his wife as he is commanded. And if he loves his wife as commanded, the aroma of his home will be pleasant indeed.

Note how well this ties in with the psychology of the frivolous divorcée.  She is absolutely certain that her husband is the reason she is so terribly unhappy.  The more he does what she (and Wilson, and Oprah) demands, the more furious and miserable she becomes!  Finally Wilson comes along and explains why she feels this way.  It is because her husband is a hypocrite.  Sure he does everything he is told to do, but he is a fraud, and God is using her feelings of discontentment to show the world the truth!

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Pastor Wilson will no doubt thank me.

Commenter katech0 writes:

Anonymous Reader wrote:Fact: Wilson wrote that a wife’s happiness is the standard to judge a marriage. Full stop. That is what “If mama’s not happy….” means. Full stop.If Anonymous Reader could make this case, believe me that I would have no use for Wilson. Fortunately, this charge is easily refuted. Here’s a quote from Wilson’s blog post, titled “Miserable Wives”:

What katech0 doesn’t understand is that it isn’t possible to prove Wilson didn’t write something in the introduction to Reforming Marriage by pointing to Wilson writing something else somewhere else.  To see what Wilson wrote in the introduction to Reforming Marriage, you have to read the introduction to Reforming Marriage.  There is I’m afraid no way around this fact.

My challenge to katech0 and anyone else who doubts my characterization of the introduction is to spend a mere $8 and buy a Kindle copy of Reforming Marriage and go read the introduction right now.  It will only take a minute or two.  If I’ve pulled a quote out of context, it should be child’s play to show what I’ve done.  This way you can both defend Wilson and support him financially.  And if I’m wrong, you will also have gained a book full of Christian wisdom on marriage!   If I’m right (which I am) you will learn the truth of the matter, which is certainly worth a measly $8.

For example, once you read the introduction you will find where Wilson writes (emphasis mine):

The health of all other relationships in the home depends upon the health of this relationship, and the key is found in how the husband is treating his wife. Or, put another way, when mamma ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy.

Perhaps you will find that I’m taking this out of context, and Wilson is really quoting someone he disagrees with when he writes this.  Then you can point out my error for all to see.

But I’m confident that you won’t find any such problem with my characterization of the introduction, because I’ve actually read the introduction.  But either way, if you doubt my word, surely you have nothing to lose by spending a few bucks to know for sure.

However, if you are convinced I’m right but don’t want to actually see the truth, by no means should you buy the book and read the introduction.  In that case your best bet would be to avoid reading the introduction and change the subject.

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