Scott is back.

Scott is back with a new blog, American Dad.  As Scott explains:

The basic concept is, as the tag line suggests, “to honor fathers.”

The fatherhood crisis is not going to go away until fathers are honored, for just being fathers. Some of the dads featured are single. Some are raising step children. Some are separated from their own kids because of their ex-wives blowing up their marriages. There are poor ones, middle class ones, etc. The only criterion is “dads who love their kids.”

That may seem like a low bar. But in this culture, the simple of statement “dads should be honored” is countercultural.

Check it out from the link above, or from my blogroll.

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Science vs theology.

Scientists and the popular media are claiming that women are fallen, and therefore tempted to sin.  But Christian theologians know that women are innately good, and if they are ever tempted to sin it is because they don’t have enough self esteem.

H/T Vox

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Broadcasting what they bring to the table.

After a successful hunt (or fishing trip), men like to show off with a picture of what they are bringing to the table.  The appeal for men to demonstrate their ability to provide in such a primal way is obvious.  But for women, hunting or fishing and then posing with their kill has lacked this appeal for equally obvious reasons;  provision isn’t what women bring to the table.

Women are however skilled at finding ways to re-purpose activities to meet their own needs, and have finally found a way to make fishing as fun and meaningful for women as it is for men (LSFW).


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Every submarine, every SEAL team.

Oscar commented:

I’ve served in all-male units and I’ve served in mixed sex units, and the all-male units simply worked more smoothly…

This of course was what the Marine Corps found when they compared teams with all men and mixed sex teams.  The Marine Corps study was promptly dismissed because it doesn’t fit the narrative.  The only solution here is to make it impossible to compare mixed sex and all male units.  This is one of the reasons that all units, every single one, must include women. If there are any units without women, the men will be able to identify the difference.  Every submarine, every SEAL team, etc. must include a woman or it will be possible to point out that all male teams perform better.  This won’t happen overnight, but it is the fundamental goal and we should expect that it will eventually be accomplished.

The other reason this has to happen is women’s envy of gratitude and respect. Our nation must never again be grateful for the sacrifice of men without in the same breath stating that we are equally grateful for the sacrifice of the women who were present. At all costs.  Never again. To feminists it is better to lose a battle, or even a war, than to suffer that unbearable indignity.  Our political and military leaders have heard this order, and are fully committed to carrying it out.

The new bargain here is identical to the new bargain on marriage. Men will retain sole responsibility for the success or failure of the mission, but women will be declared fully equal partners while having a long list of special rights. This is why the fact that failure is much more likely doesn’t really bother most (conservatives or liberals). All we need is for the men to stop complaining, man up, and somehow make it all work. Then we can get on with the business of thanking the men and women who protected us.

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Why can’t women do pull ups? It’s a culture thing.

With the news coming out today that the sole remaining female Marine has dropped out of the Infantry Officer’s Course (CNN, Marine Corps Times*) it seems like a good time to look into why women in the military are having so much trouble meeting physical fitness requirements.  According to the CNN video below from January of 2014, the reason women lack upper body strength is women aren’t taught how to do pull ups.  Here is the relevant exchange between CNN Anchor Don Lemon and CNN Pentagon correspondent Chris Lawrence:

Chris Lawrence:  What they’re gonna do now, is… looking at better ways to train women to do these push-ups [sic].  There is a feeling that from the time they are girls, girls don’t do push-ups, even women who workout religiously and are very physically fit are not working those kind of muscles and trying to build up that bigger upper body by doing pull-ups.  So, what they want to do is go in and really teach women better ways to train to do this particular exercise.

Don Lemon:  Yeah, working the upper body that’s a guy thing, right?  And I mean, guys you see at the gym with skinny legs, big upper bodies.

Chris Lawrence:  It’s the beach muscles.  It’s the beach workout.

Here is the video, starting with the exchange between Lemon and Lawrence:

All of this is of course a smokescreen in an effort to pretend that standards aren’t being lowered in the process of further integrating the armed forces.  Something has to give, and even if we have a Republican in the white house next year the Obama administration’s decision to open all combat roles to women won’t be rolled back.  Part of being conservative means conserving feminist progress, so the only question now is how fast and how far the standards will be lowered in order to finally complete the construction of our new feminist military.

*H/T The Question

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