Insanity at the races.

You are sooo mean! You must hate women! It wasn’t my fault!

You are sooo mean! You must hate women! It wasn’t her fault!

I have previously explained why it is much easier and more satisfying for a man to call out a man versus a woman.  Calling out men is the path of least resistance, and allows a man to position himself as heroic.  Calling out women feels wrong, and tends to be the prelude to a day at the races.

This can be true even when it comes to criticizing an unrepentant child killer like Susan Smith.  Nearly all women will be repulsed by the extreme ugliness of a mother who murdered her own children and two decades later is still trying to cover up and justify her crime.  But a handful will instead identify with the unrepentant child murderer and run the rationalization race on her behalf:

Susan Smith was a mentally ill 21 year old girl with a father who committed suicide, a stepfather who molested her, and a husband who cheated on her, abandoned with two small children. She broke. Women do that sometimes, we break, especially when all the men in our lives fail us, yes fail us Dalrock. Women do not just spontaneously combust.

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Susan Smith eats, wipes her mouth, and says, “I have done no wickedness.”

This made the rounds a few weeks ago, but I didn’t take the time to look at Susan Smith’s letter to the media until recently.  20 years after she strapped her helpless sons into their car seats and rolled them into a lake, Smith still sees herself as the victim.  She also explains that she only tried to cover up her crime out of an abundance of selflessness:

It has been hard to listen to lie after lie and not be able to defend myself. It’s frustrating to say the least. Mr. Cahill, I am not the monster society thinks I am. I am far from it. Something went very wrong that night. I was not myself. I was a good mother and I loved my boys. The thing that hurts me the most is that people think I hurt my children in order to be with a man. That is so far from the truth. There was no motive as it was not even a planned event. I was not in my right mind. The only reason I lied is because I didn’t know how to tell the people who loved Michael & Alex that they would never see them again. I didn’t want to hurt them. I knew the truth would come out, but I had planned to kill myself first and leave a note behind telling what had happened. I didn’t believe I could face my family when the truth was revealed.

It would be difficult to find a woman with a harder heart than Susan Smith.  She is absolutely shameless.  Yet note how consumed she is with the knowledge that people on the outside see her as a monster.  Never be fooled by the shrieks that your judgment doesn’t affect a rebellious woman.

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Hold her beer and watch this.

Laura Lifshitz is back, asking Do the Men Move on First Before the Women, After Divorce?

Every time I have told someone about the divorce, all I hear is, “He will move on before you. The men always do.” Or, “Oh the men need someone so he’ll marry again before you do.” Or, “Well you know…men get over these things quickly. The women stay alone.”

I felt rattled by these words because based on every stranger, coworker and friend, women suffer through loneliness and men find happiness instantaneously. It was the fiftieth time in my life that I wished for a penis.

The answer to her question is it depends on the age of the couple.  If the couple is young (say in their mid 20s), it is the ex-wife who almost certainly will find herself with a wealth of dating prospects.  It is only later in life, as the SMV fortunes of men and women change, that men find it easier than women.  It only seems like men always have it easier because most women now delay marriage so long that by the time they get around to step 5 in the having it all plan the SMV power positions have reversed.

However, I’m not sure it will cheer Lifshitz up knowing that it would have gone much better for her if she had divorced in her 20s instead of her late 30s.  At any rate, she has moved from writing about all of the pain her divorce has caused her young daughter to writing about her own pain now that her ex husband has a new girlfriend:

The words. When I knew, I felt as if someone had put a shotgun to my gut. That night I cried for most of the night. In fact, I am pretty sure I have just been random waterworks as if I were a pregnant lady ever since. If you aren’t sure if it’s me, see if the woman is crying. If yes, chances are it’s me.

Lifshitz rationalizes that men fare better in the post divorce dating market because women care more about the children, while men prioritize dating over obligations to family:

“Oh the women always have a tough time. It’s so hard. They focus on the kids. Men don’t want women with kids. Women don’t mind a man with kids.”

So basically, it sucks to be a woman and have a vagina, yet again.

But this is exactly the opposite of what is really happening.  We can see this by the relationship between the age of the wife and the risk of divorce.  When wives perceive their chances in the dating world and of remarriage are best, divorce rates are at their highest.  As the couple ages and the wife’s options outside the marriage dwindle, the risk of divorce steadily decreases.  Put another way, the lower mommy’s opportunity to bang other men, the less risk a child has of having their family blown up.

women_divorce_and_remarriag_same_scaleNote the lack of an increase in divorce later in life as the relative SMV prospects of the husband increase.  As the AARP survey found, even later in life when the man’s remarriage prospects are better, divorce continues to be driven by women.

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Punch harder on abortion.

This is the way of an adulterous woman: She eats and wipes her mouth and says, ‘I’ve done nothing wrong.’

–Proverbs 30:20

Last month ran a story defending abortion with the headline Study: 95 Percent Of Women Feel Relief, Not Sad, After Having Abortions

One of the many arguments against abortion, especially abortions that take place after the first trimester, is that there are lasting, negative psychological effects for the women who have them. Some anti-abortion groups have gone so far as to say that women who regret terminating their pregnancies are actively being “censored.”

However a new study, published in Plos ONE, followed almost 700 women who had abortions as well as a group that were denied abortions for three years. The primary focus of the study was to compare the outcomes of women who had early abortions and those who had them later.

“In crude data, approximately 95% of women completing each follow-up interview reported that having the abortion was the right decision for them…

This is an astounding defense of abortion, and demonstrates an opportunity to punch back much harder.  The argument that abortion is a problem because it makes women sad is foolish.  What we should instead be pointing out is that our embrace of abortion has turned our women into monsters.

95% of women who murder their unborn children (and have them sold for parts) feel good about having done so!  This is what we should be calling out far and wide.  Not only does this call out the profound ugliness of abortion, it will pierce the heretofore shameless.  Women very often appear impervious to shame, but in reality they are terrified of being called out.

Calling this ugliness out will polarize what would otherwise be team woman into two camps:

  1. The larger camp will be the women who wish to distance themselves from something so ugly.
  2. The smaller camp will be the women who try to justify feeling good about killing an unborn child and selling it off for parts*.

Both groups will ultimately make the case against abortion, the first will do so intentionally, and the second will do so unintentionally.

This will also split men into groups, but this grouping will be more dispersed.  However, two groups are worth pointing out:

  1. Pro life white knights will find themselves trying to explain why so many women exercise their “right to choose” against their will.
  2. Pro abortion white knights (along with feminist women in camp 2 above) will feel the need to respond to this argument, setting the record straight that women demand this right and are quite pleased when exercising it.

Both groups will leave themselves open to the observation that they are more concerned with the feelings of the adult who decides to do the killing and selling than the unborn child being killed and sold off for parts.

The resulting dogfight will bewilder most observers, leaving them only remembering the profound ugliness of the image of millions of women delighted with their abortion experience.  Happy customers, unhappy customers, it doesn’t matter;  this is a profoundly ugly business.

*See Amanda Marcotte’s unfavorable comparison of an unborn child to tooth decay for an example of what this will look like.

Edit:  Pukeko has analyzed the study in question and gives his thoughts on the methodology here.


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Drudge has a link up today to a Daily Mirror article: Sex with robots to be ‘the norm’ in 50 years, expert claims.  What is interesting is the moral argument the expert (Dr Helen Driscoll) lays out:

We tend to think about issues such as virtual reality and robotic sex within the context of current norms.

But if we think back to the social norms about sex that existed just 100 years ago, it is obvious that they have changed rapidly and radically.

Robophilia may be alien now, but could be normal in the near future as attitudes evolve with technology.

She then ties this into our new definition of sexual morality, the existence of romantic love:

People may also begin to fall in love with their virtual reality partners.

This may seem shocking and unusual now, but we should not automatically assume that virtual relationships have less value than real relationships. The fact is, people already fall in love with fictional characters though there is no chance to meet and interact with them.

Since everyone, including modern Christians, has embraced the view that romantic love is what defines sexual morality this will be an interesting discussion.  My guess is the rebuttal will be that since robots can’t love back it isn’t really true love, and therefore isn’t Christian.  However, if we could program robotic women to give Christian men the wakeup call and thereby force them to submit to their robo wives, I strongly suspect the lack of reciprocation would no longer be a concern.

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