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Sir Gawain and the Green Knight

When I first started blogging one regular criticism I received from traditional conservatives (especially when writing about Game) was that I was killing chivalry.  For the most part I disregarded this with the assumption that they either didn’t understand Game … Continue reading

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It’s a matter of morality.

World Net Daily has a hilarious article about a man in Argentina who took advantage of the new transgender law to identify as a woman in order to retire five years earlier.  The funny part is he is being judged … Continue reading

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Sheila will make a man out of you.

Last week I linked to a post by the complementarian group Authentic Manhood in in What was Adam’s Sin?  It turns out that this group has hired Sheila Gregoire to help teach you how to be a man.  Who better … Continue reading

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Now get out there and reject passivity!

Complementarians have the problem of wanting to seem biblically traditional, while avoiding actually being so.  The goal is to create something separate from formal feminism/egalitarianism, while avoiding offending feminist sensibilities.  This has led complementarians to invent a host of weasel … Continue reading

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A brave new world.

Dinner theater Medieval Times has changed the script of its play, and the new script is being celebrated as a feminist triumph. Now instead of a king as the lead, the play will have a queen as the lead.  ABC … Continue reading

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