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How can men help girls see her and be her?

Back in June of 2016 The Association of National Advertisers and its Alliance for Family Entertainment launched an initiative titled #SeeHer, to boost girls’ self esteem by making sure women are portrayed correctly in commercials.  As AdAge explains: The Association of National … Continue reading

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Organized Female Nagging, Forever.

  I happened to stumble upon this 1920 anti suffrage broadside while looking for something else (source). Interestingly the broadside was created by a group of women who opposed suffrage, the Southern Women’s League. The More a Politician Allows Himself to … Continue reading

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It turns out they *both* want a tall man.

What are the odds?* Update Sept 17:  The video was deleted some time yesterday evening, but the youtube channel is still available for context.  See also Larry Kummer’s slightly edited transcript snips in the discussion below. This demonstrates the cruelty … Continue reading

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Experts at failing.

The Other McCain has a post up about a woman (Julia Baugher) whose profession is giving life advice, even though her own life is an absolute train-wreck.  The post titled Fame Whore Update: Relationship Expert Fails and Good-Bye, ‘Reasonable’ Man is worth … Continue reading

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Sounds like she squeaked one past him.

Huffington Post had an article last week about Amy Schumer’s 6 month wedding anniversary: Amy Schumer Celebrates Marriage Milestone With A Fart Joke, Of Course “Married 6 months today,” she wrote on Instagram Monday. “I love you more every day. … Continue reading

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