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It was time to settle for a boring loyal dude.

Filed under the category of Losing control of the narrative, I bring you Why It’s OK To Settle In Romantic Relationships – Refinery29 When I met my now soon-to-be fiancé, five years ago, I didn’t really think much of him … Continue reading

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Complementarianism on women in the military.

Biblical complementarity is not fundamentally about what opportunities women must forgo, but what responsibilities men must take up. — Dr. Jason K. Allen, President of Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary As I’ve noted before, Complementarians live in a fantasy land where … Continue reading

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Valentines for the pearl of great price.

Fitting for our times, I saw the following Valentines Day cards at a local supermarket: Dump that zero and get yourself a hero! I also saw this card, which is a sign of our full acceptance of the Duluth model:

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Chivalry Game: How to negotiate desire.

What we commonly know as chivalry and what literary scholars call courtly love has two aspects.  One is a religious/moral philosophy, and the other is a method of seduction (game).  To date I’ve been focusing on the religious/moral side, but … Continue reading

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I wonder who he has in mind?

As I’ve noted before Pastor Sam Allberry has pushed for Christian families to give gay Christians like himself trusted access to our children.  Via his Living Out Church Audit he and The Gospel Coalition’s (TGC) Tim Keller insist that every … Continue reading

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