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Satisfaction guaranteed.

The Atlantic explains that Cat Person went viral because it connects with the current mood of women & feminism: Into this steps “Cat Person,” a New Yorker fiction story by Kristen Roupenian that explores how badly people can misread each … Continue reading

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A woman’s prerogative.

A reader who asked not to be named describes how the military has come to define rape: One of my fellow company commanders in Afghanistan invited a CID agent to give a lecture on sexual assault. I had my Soldiers … Continue reading

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He didn’t know it was her turn.

We can get an idea of where feminists want to take converging domestice violence and rape laws from two recent articles about laws in Sweden*.  Celia Farber at explains that a husband “nagging” his wife for sex is now … Continue reading

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Guilty until proven innocent, and nothing proves you innocent.

In the wake of mattress carrying Emma Sulkowicz’s claim of rape falling apart, Emma Gray at the Huffington Post has created a chart to detail what kinds of situations would indicate that a man accused of rape should not be presumed guilty.  According … Continue reading

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Not a SJW true believer.

Several readers have argued that the Stanford student who wrote the op-ed about being sexually assaulted is a SJW true believer who is sincerely crusading to have Yes Means Yes applied equally to women as it is to men.  I find this highly … Continue reading

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