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She made a mistake once.

She thought she was wrong, but it turned out she wasn’t. This is the lesson Wendy Griffith learned in the process of becoming a 53 year old never married career woman.  After five months of dating, Griffith started pushing “Michael” … Continue reading

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The heartache of entitlement.

Novaseeker notes that Wendy Griffith is well above average in attractiveness for women her age, and speculates that she really isn’t serious about finding a husband: Griffith is well, well above average looking for her age. She’s in the top … Continue reading

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Devouring a lifetime of courtship.

I’ve written in the past about women’s complaints that men aren’t meeting their expectations for courtship, and why it is entirely rational for men to either withdraw from traditional courtship altogether or limit and carefully target their courtship expenditure.  Women … Continue reading

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If she has enough self esteem she won’t tingle for Harley McBadboy

Over a series of comments, Michael offers the conventional wisdom that women are attracted to bad boys because they lack self esteem: …Girls are fragile and they want to be loved. If you would rather they do not desperately seek … Continue reading

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Wendy Griffith’s secular doppelganger.

From the Daily Mail:  Why I’m proud to have frozen my eggs at 38: Top scientist urges women in their 30s to follow her lead as she delays motherhood to ‘side-step her biological clock’ A scientist and broadcaster told how … Continue reading

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