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The “no marriage proposals” canard.

During the discussion of The season of singleness commenter innocentbystanderboston (IBB) made a fairly common argument, that women like Wendy Griffith and Allyson Rowe didn’t delay marriage in pursuit of feminist goals, but instead were forced to pursue feminist goals … Continue reading

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Insta-Whores: Is money the real problem?

The Other McCain has a post up titled Insta-Whores, about social media prostitution.  As McCain notes, the lines here can be blurry, and either way this is likely to corrode social trust: Much of the behavior enabled by this emerging … Continue reading

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Warhorn interview: Does work like yours attract misogynists?

This is the final post in the series.  For context regarding this series see this post.  You can also see the whole series. [—————————Begin my email to Nathan—————————] @Nathan 9. Related to question 8, does work like yours attract misogynists? Why or why … Continue reading

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Unless the men are *Christian*.

Pastor Michael Foster tweets: One of the most common questions I get asked is: How do I attract a woman? I asked a wise older pastor how'd he answer it concisely. He said: "You'll attract a woman by getting men … Continue reading

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You’ll have to buy a few dinners on the road to finding your 53 year old dream girl.

As 53 year old never married Wendy Griffith explains in her book on how to find a husband, it is important for women to only date men who are willing to buy them dinner and desert. God wants you to … Continue reading

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