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You’ll have to buy a few dinners on the road to finding your 53 year old dream girl.

As 53 year old never married Wendy Griffith explains in her book on how to find a husband, it is important for women to only date men who are willing to buy them dinner and desert. God wants you to … Continue reading

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If she can’t demand a husband then how do we expect her to demand salvation?

Lori Alexander quoted my post as well as many of the replies in her recent post What Men Thought of My Viral Post.  One woman responded to this most recent post by explaining that since she deserves salvation even though … Continue reading

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Fighting choice addiction.

To my future husband: I know you will be worth the wait! — Wendy Griffith, Age 53* Choice addiction is part intoxication with the process of judging suitors, and part fear of missing out on something better. The risk is … Continue reading

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Weak men are screwing her feminism up.

As I mentioned before, Wendy Griffith tells us she met “Michael” after doing an interview with a Christian dating site, where she chastised Christian men for not manning up and asking Christian women out.  Michael saw the interview and sent … Continue reading

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She made a mistake once.

She thought she was wrong, but it turned out she wasn’t. This is the lesson Wendy Griffith learned in the process of becoming a 53 year old never married career woman.  After five months of dating, Griffith started pushing “Michael” … Continue reading

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