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Late stage complementarianism.

Commenter 7817 noted: TBayly on Twitter has begun posting #manup beatdowns on a daily basis. I pulled up Pastor Bayly’s twitter page to see what he was talking about, and it struck me that Bayly doesn’t have his heart in … Continue reading

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Warhorn can’t keep their story straight.

(Link to live tweet, archive.) As I noted the other day, after I posted the exchange I had with Nathan Alberson where we set the terms of the interview Nathan responded by posting excerpts of the exchange designed to make … Continue reading

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Transcript of the second podcast.

A reader was kind enough to listen to the second Warhorn podcast and transcribe it.  This kind of thing takes a great deal of work, and I very much appreciate the time that clearly went into it.  He said that … Continue reading

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Did I lie about Matt Chandler?

This is the most obvious case of mirroring I’ve seen in a long time. Many of their accusations about you refer – quite obviously, imo – to themselves. –Larry Kummer, Editor of Fabius Maximus In OKRickety’s transcript, the men of Pastor … Continue reading

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Warhorn’s projection

As Larry Kummer has noted, the Warhorn podcast is a blatant example of projection. Note that after I called Nathan out for misrepresenting our agreement, Nathan has now added part of our initial email exchange to the page with the … Continue reading

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