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Confusing history with literature.

One of Vox Day’s readers argued: As Dalrock has explained, all that cultural bomb-throwers have to do is to borrow from the Satanic inversion that is chivalry, that puts women in the place of Jesus. Vox objected, responding: That’s not … Continue reading

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Chivalry is the word that expresses that ideal.

One of the frequent criticisms I’ve received with my writing on chivalry is that I’m using the term incorrectly. The argument is that chivalry is merely a code of martial honor, and that the ideals of reverence of women, idolization … Continue reading

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Amazon deplatforms Castalia House from Kindle.

Update:  Amazon has reinstated Castalia House ebooks. Thank you all for your support. This is not a fight we wanted or sought, and we’re pleased to be able to put it behind us. I’ll be discussing the matter on the Darkstream. … Continue reading

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Tucker Carlson’s dangerous wedge.

Last week Tucker Carlson broke a carefully guarded conservative taboo and called out our elites for their role in destroying american families.  Much of the reaction has been a predictable demand to stop holding our elites accountable and get back … Continue reading

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A Crypto Fashion T Shirt suggestion.

Vox Day’s Crypto Fashion is having a sale this weekend: Crypto.Fashion is having a post-Thanksgiving sale this weekend. Everything, including Arkhaven and Dark Lord Designs, is 15-20 percent off. Vox and I aren’t known for sharing common tastes in T shirts, … Continue reading

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