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Sisters aren’t doin’ it for themselves

The thesis of the Atlantic piece on The Gender Politics of Pockets is that the patriarchy keeping women from being able to buy the clothing they want: So how can an industry that focuses on women—whether it be models or … Continue reading

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I’ll be turning moderation on.

I have a lot on my plate right now, so I’ll be turning on comment moderation tomorrow morning and will leave it on at least over the weekend.  Feel free to drop links here before I turn on moderation if … Continue reading

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Scott is back.

Scott is back with a new blog, American Dad.  As Scott explains: The basic concept is, as the tag line suggests, “to honor fathers.” The fatherhood crisis is not going to go away until fathers are honored, for just being … Continue reading

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“We did retreat”

Note:  I have no training or expertise in police procedure, and this subject is off topic for this blog.  However, after raising questions in a post the other day, I decided to follow up with the additional information I’ve been … Continue reading

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NFL Super Bowl PSA: Who is the abuser?

During the Super Bowl tomorrow the NFL will be running the following PSA on domestic violence: Last year’s PSA featured a woman dialing 911 but not being able to tell the 911 operator why she called.  She couldn’t speak freely … Continue reading

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