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How to guarantee satisfaction.

This was originally a comment I left at Rollo’s blog back in April of 2012.  Shortly after that, Rollo and I both included it in separate posts.  I’m reposting it today because it describes the guarantee promiscuous women are demanding. … Continue reading

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Dodgy data.

In my last post I quoted the NY Post/AP article on the number of women who are getting alimony: How many people get alimony anyway? Government statistics vary. The Census Bureau says 243,000 people got alimony last year, 98 percent … Continue reading

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Gone Fishin’

I’ll be taking a blogging break over the next few days. I’ll turn moderation on in a bit and will take it back off on Monday. Oct 23: I’m back. Default moderation is now off.

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Why women lose the dating game.

Spike linked in the comments to a podcast of Independent Man chatting with Bettina Arndt: Audio issues and accents aside, this is an interesting conversation.  Arndt is a dating coach who has taken observations she originally came across in the … Continue reading

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Still going.

Just shy of a month after I posted Is marriage the cause of sexual immorality?, I see that Artisanal Toad has now responded with Dishonest Dalrock Thinks He Won: Rather than prohibit sexual activity “outside marriage” as Dalrock claims, Paul … Continue reading

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