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Chivalry and biblical marriage can’t coexist.

Swanny River asks: Can someone explain to me what is meant by a marriage depending upon the free will of the married means? Is an arranged marriage an example of people without free will? Women freely divorce and commit adultery … Continue reading

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How to creep out your wife.

Sheila Gregoire at Authentic Manhood coaches frustrated Christian husbands on how to seduce their wives in In Search of the Secret Switch.  To her credit, she admits upfront that she has no idea how to actually do such a thing: … Continue reading

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Why Game is a threat to our values.

Chances are you’ve heard of a concept called “Game”, and if you are like most people you suspect this concept poses a dire threat to our most cherished values.  These suspicions are correct;  Game is fundamentally incompatible with our values … Continue reading

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How to guarantee satisfaction.

This was originally a comment I left at Rollo’s blog back in April of 2012.  Shortly after that, Rollo and I both included it in separate posts.  I’m reposting it today because it describes the guarantee promiscuous women are demanding. … Continue reading

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Dodgy data.

In my last post I quoted the NY Post/AP article on the number of women who are getting alimony: How many people get alimony anyway? Government statistics vary. The Census Bureau says 243,000 people got alimony last year, 98 percent … Continue reading

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