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Gone fishin’

I’ll be taking a blogging break over the next few days. I’ll turn moderation on in a bit and will take it back off on Monday. Edit:  Moderation is now on. Edit Monday Oct 22:  Moderation is now off. Advertisements

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He knelt like a true gentleman.

Pulpit & Pen writes in Beth Moore Has Man Get on His Knees, Apologize on Behalf of All Men (emphasis mine): Moore started her career as a teacher for women, but now preaches to both genders. Evangelical leaders like John … Continue reading

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Stepping away for a bit.

I’ll be turning on moderation later in the day, and will turn it back off on or around Sunday Sept 30th. Edit:  Moderation is now on.

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RIP Zippy

Zippy’s son Gabriel advised readers of Zippy Catholic that Zippy was killed in a car accident: Hello all. Though I have no way to offer any proof at the moment, I am Zippy’s son. My real name, which he gave … Continue reading

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Returning to a past that never was.

The problem with conservationism is that it isn’t rooted in anything real, anything solid.  This leaves conservatives grasping for anything they can claim as “traditional” in opposition to the current culture, while taking care not to do anything that would … Continue reading

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