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It was time to settle for a boring loyal dude.

Filed under the category of Losing control of the narrative, I bring you Why It’s OK To Settle In Romantic Relationships – Refinery29 When I met my now soon-to-be fiancé, five years ago, I didn’t really think much of him … Continue reading

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A beer fit for an ugly feminist*

Ad Age explains that Budweiser has reworked old ads to make them more empowering for women: The campaign, released today in conjunction with International Women’s Day, features full-page color ads in The New York Times, Chicago Tribune and Los Angeles … Continue reading

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The perfect response to Patriarchy Chicken.

Commenter Junkyard Dawg described his own response to Patriarchy Chicken (emphasis mine): That actually happened to me a number of years ago. I was in a park where there is a wide walking path. People walking toward one another from … Continue reading

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“Patriarchy Chicken”, a microcosm of feminism.

From Instapundit HIGHER EDUCATION BUBBLE UPDATE: Professor says she plays “chicken” with men while walking to empower women. “The idea of patriarchy chicken is as follows: by refusing to move out of the way to avoid collision with men going … Continue reading

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Expect more cats.

Larry Kummer writes in Captain Marvel – fun for kids, swill for adults The cat – “Goose” – is a major character in Captain Marvel. It’s a weird extraneous element in the plot, sloppily written by writers desperate to fill … Continue reading

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