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Why can’t women do pull ups? It’s a culture thing.

With the news coming out today that the sole remaining female Marine has dropped out of the Infantry Officer’s Course (CNN, Marine Corps Times*) it seems like a good time to look into why women in the military are having … Continue reading

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The peasants are revolting.

Love him or hate him, Trump has managed to bring the Republican elite’s seething contempt for the working class to the surface.  Back in March, Kevin D. Williamson at National Review wrote that white working class communities deserve to die: … Continue reading

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Feminist Atlantic waxes conservative.

The Atlantic has a love-hate relationship with men’s economic contributions.  The magazine alternates between gloating that feminism has destroyed men’s economic status once and for all, and worrying that men are no longer fulfilling their traditional roles as bread winners. … Continue reading

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Guarding her equality.

As I’ve demonstrated (here and here), an underpinning belief of complementarianism is that the source of feminist resentment is sinful men, men who are not sufficiently nice and accommodating.  As Pastor Chandler explains, if men are good enough women can’t … Continue reading

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The root of the problem.

I stumbled across an old CBMW newsletter from 1995 (the year after VAWA was passed), and like the founding statement the influence of the Duluth model on complementarian thinking is obvious: OFTEN, THE RELATIONAL TENSIONS BETWEEN MEN and women are … Continue reading

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