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Disrespecting respectability, dishonoring the honorable.

In The Revenge of The Lost Boys* Tom Nichols begins with a familiar question: What’s going on with young American men? Nichols focuses primarily on examples of men that Vox Day categorizes as gammas: Beyond this, they seem to share … Continue reading

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The cheating hearts of the patriarchal cartel.

Following up on yesterday’s post, it is entirely possible that the employers of the patriarchy: Were legally permitted to discriminate against women. Were socially encouraged to do so. Stated that they were paying men more than they paid women for … Continue reading

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What current?

In the comments to my last post TFH pointed out that Donald Sensing has his own blog.  From a quick glance it looks as I would expect for a Traditional Conservative, with a focus on his military past, second amendment … Continue reading

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Rabble rousers

The Daily Mail has a new article by Peter Lloyd plugging his  book Stand by Your Manhood, and also referencing Dr. Helen’s Men on Strike. Why men refuse to marry: Women complain chaps today won’t settle down. Sorry, ladies, but … Continue reading

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Ms. Chivalry

Ying Ma bemoans the loss of chivalry in Men Who Don’t Pay (H/T Instapundit): We live in a society where lots of men do not pay. Not only do they fail to pay for the women with whom they go … Continue reading

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