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Stanton’s wake-up call.

Ballista74 shared a youtube video where Glenn Stanton of Focus on the Family explains why marriage is important.  The title of the video is “Marriage is a Feminist Institution”, and the caption on youtube reads: “Research shows marriage is what … Continue reading

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The unworkable bachelor tax.

One of the ideas often put forward when discussing declining marriage rates is that our elites are likely to enact a Roman Empire style bachelor tax.  I admittedly don’t have much background knowledge of how the Romans went about this, but … Continue reading

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Fathers [sometimes] matter!

A reader recently asked if I’ve moved away from my prediction in More ominous than a strike that we will eventually see some dialing back of the worst excesses of the family court: …ignoring the problem will become more and … Continue reading

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Doing rape hysteria right.

Freddie deBoer at The Week argues in What progressives don’t want to talk about in the Rolling Stone scandal*: A presumption of truth in every rape accusation is an impossible standard. And it’s doing real damage to the cause of fighting … Continue reading

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You see our last ditch nuclear deterrent, feminists see an underwater frat house.

Time magazine published an article last week about sexual assault in the military titled This Is What It Looks Like When Women Come Out of the Shadows.  The article compares the work of Social Justice Warriors (SJWs) in the military to … Continue reading

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