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Fragile femininity and our masculinity crisis.

Conservatives frequently complain about a masculinity crisis among younger generations of men, but while feminists probably are succeeding somewhat in their efforts to feminize young men, their primary success has been in making women less feminine (H/T Vox Day): The … Continue reading

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What Prager and Wilcox are selling.

Brad Wilcox of the Marriage Project made a video for Prager University that along with a rebuttal by MGTOW Turd Flinging Monkey has been getting a good deal of attention.  Be a man. Get married. From the title alone you … Continue reading

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Is fear of women the beginning of wisdom?

Christian Economist Dr. Robert P. Murphy explains in An Essay for Single Christian Men* that although what most call red pill** observations are on the whole accurate, knowledge of the truth is highly dangerous.  While Dr. Murphy and I no … Continue reading

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Why can’t he find men to marry the women he is teaching to have contempt for men?

The “Friendly Atheist” at Patheos has a new post going viral titled Christian Pastor Says Men Who Play Video Games Are Losers Possessed by a “Retarded Spirit” Pastor Gene Lingerfelt goes off on men who play Xbox, blaming “that retarded … Continue reading

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Red Herring

In 5 Key Ways to Cultivating Biblical Manhood in Your Church Dr. Allen writes: Fifth, as preachers, we must intentionally enlist, equip, and empower men into leadership roles in our churches. Biblically, theologically, and logically, the indispensable ingredient to complementarianism … Continue reading

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