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The hum of the pumps.

One thing to always remember is that feminism requires constant effort just to avoid moving backward.  We aren’t in a steady state regarding feminism, and despite the myth of progress there is nothing natural about how we have organized our … Continue reading

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Four legs good, two legs better.

Slate XX has a piece up explaining that women like Beth Moore are much more of a force in driving conservative evangelical opinion on politics than outsiders would likely suspect.  Slate quotes CBMW co founder John Piper explaining that it … Continue reading

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Do as you please with their wives, so long as you respect her in the morning.

It has been telling that Republican outrage over the audio of Trump describing his attempt to cuckold other men is almost entirely focused on the fact that Trump spoke crudely in describing the way women threw themselves at him.  Cuckoldry … Continue reading

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Reworking Malachi 2:16 for our feminist era (part 2).

In part one of this series I explained how Malachi 2:16 is being reworked from a condemnation of divorce theft to justification for divorce theft.  Thus Joel and Kathy Davisson have changed the meaning of “God hates divorce” to God … Continue reading

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No crisis here.

Instapundit host Glenn Reynolds has a great line: I’ll believe it’s a crisis when the people who tell me it’s a crisis act like it’s a crisis. I would apply this same line to Stephen Green’s recent Instapundit entry: THE … Continue reading

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