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Call me unchivalrous.

After due consideration I have decided to adopt the label unchivalrous Christian.  The label is more accurate than anti-feminist Christian, or traditional Christian, because antifeminist and traditional Christians almost always stress chivalry as their strategy for fighting against feminism.  Yet … Continue reading

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Fortunately they had a strong woman to row them to safety.

In my last post I shared accounts from Lifeboat 8 on the Titanic demonstrating the chaos and loss of life the chivalrous WACF policy caused.  Ida Strauss and her husband perished after Isidor chivalrously refused to enter the lifeboat, and … Continue reading

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Killing her with chivalry.

Over at Instapundit there is an article/discussion offering chivalry as the antidote to feminist charges of toxic masculinity.  Specifically, the article points to the men on the Titanic as the gold standard for noble masculinity. Few conservatives would argue with … Continue reading

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LARPing Lancelot

When researching my recent posts I came across a 2013 blog post by “Word Warrior” Barry Jacobsen titled CHIVALRY IS DEAD, LADIES: AND IT’S (PARTIALLY) YOUR FAULT! Jacobsen took the sinking of the Concordia as an opportunity to position himself … Continue reading

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An eyewitness account of WACF.

By way of Encyclopedia Titanica, the words of Titanic survivor Mrs. Emil Taussig as reported by the New York Times on April 22nd 1912: “Only twenty women were near the boat, and these were put in. My daughter Ruth was … Continue reading

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