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The Atlantic blames the Manosphere for mass shootings.

Yesterday The Atlantic published a largely incoherent article blaming the manosphere for mass shootings. To Learn About the Far Right, Start With the ‘Manosphere’ The sexist world has become a recruiting ground for potential mass shooters. The article doesn’t even … Continue reading

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Gratitude is the enemy of feminism.

Darcy Lockman at The Atlantic warns wives against the danger of feeling gratitude in Mothers Shouldn’t Be Grateful for Their Husbands’ Help Gratitude is a brand of benevolent sexism, a force that repels change. To offer thanks for whatever contributions … Continue reading

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Secular feminists are more honest than conservative Christians.

Lori Gottlieb writes a weekly series called Dear Therapist for The Atlantic.  This week’s letter is from a single woman who is tired of her married friends coming to her with petty grievances about their husbands.  The article is titled … Continue reading

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Tucker Carlson’s dangerous wedge.

Last week Tucker Carlson broke a carefully guarded conservative taboo and called out our elites for their role in destroying american families.  Much of the reaction has been a predictable demand to stop holding our elites accountable and get back … Continue reading

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Ugly feminists high on rage.

Anonymous Reader just linked to a new piece at the Washington Post that opens with: A flood of rage is rushing through women’s brains. Why can’t men organize to change themselves? The author brags about going on an extended hysterical … Continue reading

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