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A very long season (part 1).

For several decades now the feminist life script for women has been to delay marriage as long as possible to focus on education, career, travel, and sexual experience. Many have mistaken this strategy by feminists as signaling that they don’t … Continue reading

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The unexpected challenge to modern Christian orthodoxy.

There is very often an honesty in secular media that is striking when compared with modern Christian teaching.  Rare News reports on the ladies at the view discussing wives withholding sex to punish their husbands for disagreeing with them: “Well, … Continue reading

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A big win for Grudem.

The Atlantic has a new article out on a change the ESV is making in their translation of Gen 3:16.  From Rewriting the Biblical ‘Curse’ on Womankind: Whereas the first half of that sentence formerly read “Your desire shall be for … Continue reading

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Pocket Envy

As I noted in Pocket Pouting, feminists accuse men of forcing women to buy clothes without pockets, or with insufficient pockets in size and/or number.  This isn’t a new complaint, nor is it just Racked making the accusation.  In September … Continue reading

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At least this story has a happy ending.

This man dodged a bullet. Some additional thoughts. Abuse is defined as anything and everything that makes a woman unhappy. Just because a woman is sweating you to get married, doesn’t mean she wants to be your wife.  Very few … Continue reading

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