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Adam and Steve jokes aren’t PC.

Dr. Russell Moore took over as president of the Southern Baptist Convention’s (SBC) Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission (ERLC) in June of 2013. By April of 2014 his new direction on homosexuality was already visible.  From the NPR story Southern … Continue reading

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Chandler: Every Christian should have a gay friend.

Complementarianism is about bringing the “progress” of the culture wars into the conservative church while pretending to retain orthodoxy.  Complementarians started with feminism, but many of the biggest names are now doing the same for the LGBT agenda.  Much of … Continue reading

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Sheila Gregoire has a post about a twitter fight she and another Christian feminist (Julie Anne) had with a complementarian Southern Baptist pastor (Steve Camp).  Sheila and Julie Anne were defending an article denying headship and instead arguing for mutual … Continue reading

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A picture of Southern Baptist marriage.

If you’ve ever wondered what a “complementarian” Southern Baptist marriage looks like, wonder no more.  Behold, the Servant Leader: H/T Cane Caldo

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Nancy Carol Hastings Sehested writes in An open letter to Paige Patterson: Dear Brother Paige, We now have something in common. We were both ousted. Mine happened so long ago that you may not remember me. It was 30 years … Continue reading

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