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Nude selfies and the complementarian male gaze.

While women like Faith Moore and Sheila Gregoire deny women’s temptation to compete for men’s sexual attention, some complementarian feminists admit that this is going on but blame it on the patriarchy.  As complementarian feminist Wendy Alsup explains in her post On Nude … Continue reading

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Mama ain’t happy.

Sheila Gregoire and her fellow Christian Feminists are putting complementarians on notice. Recently she retweeted a call for male allies to fight the patriarchy: This thread will break your heart. We need more men to be allies to push back … Continue reading

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Modesty standards are sinful.

Complementarianism is distinguished from egalitarianism for the most part not by the feminist conclusions they draw, but by the method they use to get there.  Both have adopted all (egalitarian) or nearly all (complementarian) tenets of modern feminist thought.  The … Continue reading

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The only woke man in the room.

In Manhood Restored, Pastor Matt Chandler explains that toxic masculinity comes from male shame: …men are prone to shame. If anyone knew how often men, without question, think they’re not good enough, think they’re failures, think they’ll never measure up, … Continue reading

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The SWBTS Board of Trustees wasn’t reacting to #MeToo, they were merely proactively assessing Patterson’s current job performance.

As Dr. Albert Mohler, President of the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, explained in reaction to Paige Patterson being removed by the South Western Baptist Theological Seminary (SWBTS) Board of Trustees Southern Baptists have been in the grips of a #MeToo social … Continue reading

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