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Don’t worry. We’ll get used to it.

The Daily Mail ran an article this past summer titled:  Talented ten-year-old boy takes the beauty industry by storm with his flawless make-up looks In our current culture it seems strange to see a young boy (or a man) made … Continue reading

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Tucker Carlson on LGGBDTTTIQQAAP

If you haven’t watched Tucker Carlson’s new show on Fox*, it is worth watching purely for entertainment value.  Carlson has an unmatched ability to get his guests to say the most ridiculous things.  It is truly extraordinary. Earlier this week … Continue reading

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Disney and the Forces of Evil

Via Breitbart, Disney has premiered their first male princess in Star vs. The Forces of Evil: As Breitbart noted, the same Disney cartoon featured Disney’s first gay kissing scene on TV back in March.  Note how the supposed purity of … Continue reading

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Womanist Apostle’s Creed

World Net Daily has an article up today titled Church: Out with George Washington, in with ‘Mother’ god.  In it they note that one of the exclusively female pastors at Washington’s former church recently read a new and improved version … Continue reading

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How you’ll learn to love Big Brother.

Vox Day has a brutal but compelling excerpt from SJWs Always Double Down.  If reading it doesn’t evoke at least two gin-scented tears and a desire to buy the book, then you my friend have a heart of stone.

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