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Surely they will be reasonable once they see how reasonable *we* are.

Back in 2009 Dr. Wayne Grudem wrote a piece titled Personal Reflections on the History of CBMW and the State of the Gender Debate*. Grudem first became involved with the topic in 1979 after reading an article in Christianity Today … Continue reading

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Tony Katz is too stingy to pay respect.

Conservative Radio host Tony Katz has a post up titled The World Needs More Men Not Boys. Not Social Justice Indoctrinated College Weenies. Men. Katz rightly takes aim at the SJWs on college campuses teaching that masculinity is toxic: College, … Continue reading

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Give the gift of mindshare.

I noted the creation of Infogalactic, a wikipedia fork a little over a week ago.  I’m not aware of a more promising venture to take on the SJW thought police than Infogalactic.  It is quite simply huge.  Infogalactic starts off … Continue reading

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Vox Day has lead the creation of a fork of Wikipedia called Infogalactic.  Creating an alternative to the SJW converged Wikipedia is a massive undertaking, but starting with a fork is a great way to approach this.  For more information … Continue reading

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At least they haven’t turned the ships pink yet.

Yesterday the US Navy announced what it is calling a “large cultural change”, with the elimination of 91 enlisted ratings titles.  Navy Times explains in Navy scuttles sailors’ enlisted rating titles in huge career shake-up Sailors will no longer be … Continue reading

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