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Feminism is the parasitic passenger chivalry longs for.

In my previous post I noted that it took me many years of blogging before I recognized that chivalry and not feminism is the primary corrupter of modern conservative Christianity.  This understanding is essential, because conservative Christians are laboring under … Continue reading

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What is the blue pill?

Blogger Bnonn recently took a catty swipe at this blog and the larger Christian men’s sphere in a sixteen part tweet. 1/16 There are lots of folks calling themselves red pill Christians. This is no better than feminist Christians, or … Continue reading

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Chivalry was re-purposed by women, for women.

Reader ‘Reality’ Doug writes (emphasis mine): Dalrock, very educational. Your thesis may be no less irrefutable than Alex Jones’ certain theory, but your ‘evidence’ from the lips of a woman who earns a living as a college professor…you should know … Continue reading

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Defending chivalry’s honor.

Commenter J. J. Griffing disagrees with my use of the term chivalry: Just call it “Courtly Love,” already, @Dalrock. You seem to have no idea what ACTUAL “chivalry” consists of beyond that, but what you call “chivalry” repeatedly is to … Continue reading

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How Lancelot vanquished British Christianity.

In The Death of Christian Britain Callum Brown argues that contrary to the accepted narrative Christianity did not steadily decline in Britain as a result of urbanization and industrialization, but instead suddenly collapsed in the 1960s.  …women, rather than cities or social … Continue reading

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