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Feminist self loathing

Feminists have long struggled to define their driving sense of discontentment.  Understanding this sense of discontentment is critical to understanding feminism itself.  If you don’t know what feminists are devoting their lives in reaction against, you won’t understand what feminism … Continue reading

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Riding the brake

Opus notes that Sheila Gregoire has realized that sex sells: she has a book or three to sell and with such salacious titles as Thirty One Days to Great Sex, The Good Girl’s Guide to Great Sex, and Honey I don’t have … Continue reading

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Meet your new master: Her feelings

In the discussion of Sandwich strike preachinginthewilderness commented on one of Sheila Gregoire’s most recent blog posts: Yesterday she was encouraging her thousands of christian women to make sure they withhold sex or make their husbands sleep on the couch … Continue reading

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Gregoire vs Valenti

Rollo commented on the similarities between Sheila Gregoire and Jessica Valenti, founder of Feministing. Let’s play the one degree of feminist separation: “But…I’m not a feminist. I’m a Strong Independent Christian Woman®” I touched on this in the original post, … Continue reading

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Sandwich strike

I happened to be on Shiela Gregoire’s blog the other day and noticed one of her top trending posts was from a year ago, titled When Women Start Saying “No” to Church Activities.  As Gregoire explains, this is a column* she wrote for Faith … Continue reading

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