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Feral females in the news.

There is a new study making the headline rounds about 6-9 year old girls wanting to be sexy.  As so often happens the actual name of the study is not mentioned in the news stories and even if it were, … Continue reading

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Conventional wisdom on the trend in US divorce rates may be about to change.

When it comes to divorce rates in the US conventional wisdom is that it peaked around 1980 and has been declining ever since.  However, there is new data which suggests that the rate of divorce in the US has remained … Continue reading

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When discussing the topic of changes in divorce law we typically talk about divorce theft and how this causes men to be understandably hesitant to marry, as well as the impact it has on men and their children who are … Continue reading

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Bargaining in the shadow of the law.

One common bit of misdirection I see when the issue of unfairness in the divorce/custody process is discussed is the argument that men are voluntarily agreeing to the terms.  How can the process be unfair if men agreed with the … Continue reading

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Is frivolous divorce overstated in the manosphere?

In Susan Walsh’s recent post The Grim Beeper, Doug1 made a comment about frivolous divorce (H/T Rmaxd): Men are shattered and blind sided by divorce far more than women are. Usually the woman you files for divorce has slowly been … Continue reading

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