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Feminist: Men don’t complain enough when taking over tasks from women.

Hat Tip Instapundit.  In her WaPo article Why don’t dads complain about parenthood like moms do? Samantha Rodman describes what she calls an alarming trend: It seems like women are being publicly applauded for complaining about parenthood. And dads, well, aren’t. At all. … Continue reading

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What is modern marriage for?

Why, divorce, of course: The singular reason I wish I were actually married to my SO is so I could divorce his fucking ass. Many would no doubt argue that this woman is an exception, and/or that no fault divorce … Continue reading

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Frigidity and power.

With as much as has been written about the sex denial spreadsheet, one aspect I haven’t seen addressed is the issue of power and how the fear of losing power was a core motivating factor for the women involved.  This … Continue reading

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Radio Silence and Dread.

Vox weighed in on the sex denial spreadsheet that has gone viral with his post Mortification Game: The fact is that she’s feeling incredibly humiliated and defensive. And since in women, defensive crouches are followed by instinctively sexual responses, if … Continue reading

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