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That’s quite a nasty woman problem you have there.

Emma Lord at Bustle doesn’t want women to suffer in silence, so she is challenging women to speak up about their nasty woman problems. So, fellow women of the internet: wanna let Trump know exactly what you think of his … Continue reading

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Hitler Learns Wikileaks Released Democrat Campaign Emails

When I saw that Ecuador cut off Assange’s Internet access I decided to try my hand at satirically scripting this famous scene.  Language warning.

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Why won’t the cisgendered serve?

As the CBMW has explained, the reason we opened combat roles up to women is because cowardly men were forcing women to serve in their place.  Given today’s announcement by Defense Secretary Ash Carter, the only explanation can be that … Continue reading

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The race to be first.

This is the story of the brave men who were inspired by Charles Lindbergh’s 1927 transatlantic flight to attempt one of aviation’s greatest triumphs.  In 1919 Alcock and Brown were the first to fly across the Atlantic, an amazing feat … Continue reading

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What else could they want?

Vox Day has a post today about Forbes revising its net worth estimate for Elizabeth Holmes from $4.5 billion to zero.  Yet from this article it is clear that Holmes has all of the attributes to be a kickass tech … Continue reading

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