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Pictures of chivalry.

Rollo and Fabius Maximus both have new posts up with disturbing images.  Check out Rollo’s post Unconscious Contempt, and Fabius Maximus’ post Women are driving America into the future.  As you click over and view these disturbing images, keep in … Continue reading

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They’re too traditional to stay married.

Rollo kindly shared a New Yorker article that he thought I’d be interested in: A Sociologist of Religion on Protestants, Porn, and the “Purity Industrial Complex” The article is an interview with sociologist Samuel L. Perry, who is looking at … Continue reading

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The unbearable cuteness of complementarianism.

There is a cuteness to complementarianism that I struggle to name, but it is a form of gleefully smug cynicism.  I’ll offer two examples in this post.  Exhibit A is How Jesus Trains Husbands by Guy M. Richard.  Richard absolutely … Continue reading

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