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Ugly feminists are large and in charge.

The other day readers suggested that Sirena Bergman was a satirical character mocking SJWs, like Titania McGrath: Sisters! We MUST get behind the #SexStrike NOW. ✊️ ALL of us. No excuses. As women, it is our duty to stand up … Continue reading

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RS McCain on The 21 Convention.

RS McCain has published his report on The 21 Convention at The American Spectator, titled Red Pills and Red Hats. President Donald Trump “represents the return of the patriarchy,” popular fitness entrepreneur Elliott Hulse declared at this weekend’s 21 Convention, … Continue reading

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Word has it there is a tip jar.

I just noticed that I missed a response yesterday by The Other McCain to my post Insta-Whores: Is money the real problem? Other men, perhaps much better men than me, have fared far worse in their marriages, and as I am … Continue reading

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Insta-Whores: Is money the real problem?

The Other McCain has a post up titled Insta-Whores, about social media prostitution.  As McCain notes, the lines here can be blurry, and either way this is likely to corrode social trust: Much of the behavior enabled by this emerging … Continue reading

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“Quality Time”

The Other McCain writes about the history of the term quality time in Living Well Is the Best Revenge: The cliché of “quality time” was invented by Baby Boomer yuppies in the 1980s to rationalize the way their lifestyles deprived … Continue reading

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