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All men’s fault

The Daily Mail has a new piece titled The women who haven’t had sex for more than a decade: What it’s like to be celibate and why it’s all men’s fault.  The article features three women who ended marriages or … Continue reading

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Hold her beer and watch this.

Laura Lifshitz is back, asking Do the Men Move on First Before the Women, After Divorce? Every time I have told someone about the divorce, all I hear is, “He will move on before you. The men always do.” Or, … Continue reading

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Smoking gun

Figure 3 in this NCFMR paper on remarriage rates doesn’t include the actual values of the data being charted, so I pulled the chart into GIMP, blew it up, and estimated the point values based on the pixel height of the … Continue reading

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Getting to the church on time (a second time).

Deep Strength offered his own explanation on why young wives in the UK are divorcing in much lower numbers: However, when you take into context women getting married closer to the wall — 26-27+ range on average — you get … Continue reading

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Ask Amy outraged that married sisters don’t include tag along divorcée

As I’ve mentioned before after the initial empowerment fades divorced women tend to find themselves excluded from their previous social networks.  Married women tend to prefer to socialize with other married women.  Since marriage confers status on women (which divorcées … Continue reading

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