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The mysterious male marriage premium.

Glenn Reynolds at Instapundit explains why he left big law: …I looked at the partners and their lives and thought, “this is what it looks like when you win?” But one thing I noticed about a lot of the partners … Continue reading

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What Prager and Wilcox are selling.

Brad Wilcox of the Marriage Project made a video for Prager University that along with a rebuttal by MGTOW Turd Flinging Monkey has been getting a good deal of attention.  Be a man. Get married. From the title alone you … Continue reading

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Our slow drift away from marriage.

Johnycomelately asks: I’m just wondering what will happen when the clock chimes and men collectively realise the game has changed and that ‘marriage’ really is just a temporary enterprise. Will that ever happen or will the fem collective continue to … Continue reading

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Disrespecting respectability, dishonoring the honorable.

In The Revenge of The Lost Boys* Tom Nichols begins with a familiar question: What’s going on with young American men? Nichols focuses primarily on examples of men that Vox Day categorizes as gammas: Beyond this, they seem to share … Continue reading

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How to close the gender pay gap once and for all.

Closing the gender pay gap is a national priority, but due to misunderstanding the problem we have failed to fully close it.  The good news is we are already making great progress in this area, albeit largely by accident.  Even … Continue reading

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