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Never forget the eager role of the conservative anvil.

I originally left this as a comment in response to Larry Kummer’s recent post: Marriage: soon the Surgeon General will warn about it.  Larry wrote: Summary: The Left has worked for two generations to destroy marriage as an institution by … Continue reading

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Transcript of the second podcast.

A reader was kind enough to listen to the second Warhorn podcast and transcribe it.  This kind of thing takes a great deal of work, and I very much appreciate the time that clearly went into it.  He said that … Continue reading

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Did I lie about Matt Chandler?

This is the most obvious case of mirroring I’ve seen in a long time. Many of their accusations about you refer – quite obviously, imo – to themselves. –Larry Kummer, Editor of Fabius Maximus In OKRickety’s transcript, the men of Pastor … Continue reading

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Warhorn’s projection

As Larry Kummer has noted, the Warhorn podcast is a blatant example of projection. Note that after I called Nathan out for misrepresenting our agreement, Nathan has now added part of our initial email exchange to the page with the … Continue reading

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Transcripts of Warhorn podcast.

A couple of other bloggers were kind enough to put together transcripts of the Warhorn podcast for those who don’t want to listen to the silliness but want to understand what was said.  OKRickety put together what looks like a … Continue reading

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