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Is it a sin to go against God’s command?

In Sex and the Straw Man–an Exercise in Logic David Gudeman at Brain Legions charges that I relied on straw man arguments in my post Does romantic love sanctify married sex?  Gudeman writes: It would be pretty ridiculous if Bayly … Continue reading

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Warhorn interview: Male responsibility and female agency.

For context see this post.  You can also see the whole series. This is I believe our longest exchange, and I’ll apologize in advance for any difficulty my readers have keeping track of who wrote what.  However, I think at the … Continue reading

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Coming soon: Interview with Warhorn Media.

A few weeks ago Nathan Alberson reached out asking if I would be willing to join his podcast Sound of Sanity for an interview.  I declined the request to join the podcast, but offered instead to do an interview via … Continue reading

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Hail to the V.

Reader Oscar wrote: I finally got around to watching the History Channel’s “Knightfall” fictional series about the final days of the Knights Templar, and imagine my surprise when one of the central plot points is that the Paris Temple Master … Continue reading

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Challenge not accepted.

A month ago in An invitation to Pastor Wilson’s defenders I challenged Wilson’s defenders to do any of the following: Point out any instances where I criticized Wilson without providing a direct quote. Point out any time that I have misquoted Wilson … Continue reading

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