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St. Jerome, the Puritan.

In his post Obeying Your Double Helix Pastor Doug Wilson recommends the book The Worldly Saints by Leland Ryken.  This is a book I read when I originally wrote about Courtly Love back in December of 2016.  At the time I decided not … Continue reading

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Blinded by chivalry.

Commenter 7817 asks: Dalrock, have you read Wilson’s post from last year where he says that one of the beautiful things the puritans did was to enshrine Chivalry in marriage? From the post: ” This was the origin of the … Continue reading

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How to spot a faker.

In the introduction of Reforming Marriage Pastor Wilson explains why some men do everything right but their wives are still unhappy.  The reason this happens is the man isn’t right with God (emphasis mine): In other words, keeping God’s law … Continue reading

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Pastor Wilson will no doubt thank me.

Commenter katech0 writes: Anonymous Reader wrote:Fact: Wilson wrote that a wife’s happiness is the standard to judge a marriage. Full stop. That is what “If mama’s not happy….” means. Full stop.If Anonymous Reader could make this case, believe me that … Continue reading

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Wilson deflects.

In Dalrockian and Disoriented Pastor Doug Wilson responds to my recent posts If mama ain’t happy and She’s the boss, you’re a guest.  Click through and read his full post, and you will notice that Wilson is careful not to … Continue reading

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