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Blinded by chivalry.

Commenter 7817 asks: Dalrock, have you read Wilson’s post from last year where he says that one of the beautiful things the puritans did was to enshrine Chivalry in marriage? From the post: ” This was the origin of the … Continue reading

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It’s a matter of morality.

World Net Daily has a hilarious article about a man in Argentina who took advantage of the new transgender law to identify as a woman in order to retire five years earlier.  The funny part is he is being judged … Continue reading

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Why Game is a threat to our values.

Chances are you’ve heard of a concept called “Game”, and if you are like most people you suspect this concept poses a dire threat to our most cherished values.  These suspicions are correct;  Game is fundamentally incompatible with our values … Continue reading

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Won’t someone think of the children who want to become single mothers?

Commenter Evan Turner asks how Christian fathers are supposed to facilitate their daughters becoming single mothers without child support: Wow i used to like reading the blog and comments on here but this is a true “jump the shark” moment … Continue reading

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Satisfaction guaranteed.

The Atlantic explains that Cat Person went viral because it connects with the current mood of women & feminism: Into this steps “Cat Person,” a New Yorker fiction story by Kristen Roupenian that explores how badly people can misread each … Continue reading

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