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The moral of Sir Gawain and the Green Knight

Tucson Traditionalist objects to me including the tale of Sir Gawain and the Green Knight with the tradition of courtly love: It’s a mistake to cite the case of Gawain without noting its outcome. Gawain is rebuked for having flirted … Continue reading

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The love of a virtuous pagan woman tames the beast inside.

The idea that women are inherently virtuous, and that men need women to sanctify them is deeply ingrained.  You won’t find either of these concepts in Scripture, but even commenters on this site can’t distinguish between the moral views of … Continue reading

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Casual dating and serial monogamy as lost virtues.

There is a story making the rounds about a Boston College professor trying to entice her students to go on dates.  The shocker for older generations outside the men’s sphere is that dating is now a dead practice.  But what … Continue reading

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St. Jerome, the Puritan.

In his post Obeying Your Double Helix Pastor Doug Wilson recommends the book The Worldly Saints by Leland Ryken.  This is a book I read when I originally wrote about Courtly Love back in December of 2016.  At the time I decided not … Continue reading

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Chivalry and biblical marriage can’t coexist.

Swanny River asks: Can someone explain to me what is meant by a marriage depending upon the free will of the married means? Is an arranged marriage an example of people without free will? Women freely divorce and commit adultery … Continue reading

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