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A picture of the weakened signal.

The primary risk of the feminist strategy to delay marriage is that once a cohort of women finally reach their late twenties/early thirties and is ready to switch from Alpha F*cks to Beta Bucks, the the cohort of Beta men … Continue reading

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US Marital Status Data Through 2017

I stumbled upon some new marital status data over at the US Census, and thought I’d share the charty goodness.  First up is the median age of marriage, going back to 1890: From the accompanying spreadsheet, you can see that … Continue reading

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The heartache of entitlement.

Novaseeker notes that Wendy Griffith is well above average in attractiveness for women her age, and speculates that she really isn’t serious about finding a husband: Griffith is well, well above average looking for her age. She’s in the top … Continue reading

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Devouring a lifetime of courtship.

I’ve written in the past about women’s complaints that men aren’t meeting their expectations for courtship, and why it is entirely rational for men to either withdraw from traditional courtship altogether or limit and carefully target their courtship expenditure.  Women … Continue reading

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Marriage strike paradox.

Commenter astrapto asks in response to Percentage of U.S. women never married, by age, 1980 & 2015 3. Instead of showing men on a marriage “strike”, it is clear that there are plenty of thirsty men quite happy to wife up … Continue reading

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