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This is what a feminist looks like.

I thought I was done with Wonder Woman, but yesterday’s Wonder Woman Op Ed by Jessica Bennett at the NYT is too hilarious not to share.  See the accompanying photo, described as: Attendees of an all-women screening of “Wonder Woman” … Continue reading

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Nasty Gal’s nasty woman problem.

In Hillary’s nasty woman brigade I quoted from an opinion piece in Business Insider about ugly feminists embracing the term “nasty woman”. Since Trump made that statement, women around the country have taken up “nasty woman” as a rallying cry … Continue reading

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That’s quite a nasty woman problem you have there.

Emma Lord at Bustle doesn’t want women to suffer in silence, so she is challenging women to speak up about their nasty woman problems. So, fellow women of the internet: wanna let Trump know exactly what you think of his … Continue reading

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Hillary’s nasty woman brigade.

Trump struck a cord in the final debate last week when he called Hillary a “nasty woman”. Business Insider’s Linette Lopez is convinced that ordinary women will rush to self identify as nasty: Clinton and her female supporters officially have … Continue reading

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