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She’ll cut their balls off.

There is a rumor going around that Trump is considering Iowa freshman Senator Joni Ernst for the VP slot.  People magazine writes: Who is Joni Ernst? 5 Things to Know About the Hog-Castrating Senator Rising in Trump’s V.P. Candidate Ranks … Continue reading

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It would be petty to point out how petty it is.

Commenter PM observed that the feminist fiction spun around Amelia Earhart seems harmless enough: Men are still doing most of jobs that keep civilization going. I don’t see that changing. A few women are being propped up with false accomplishments … Continue reading

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Fragile femininity and our masculinity crisis.

Conservatives frequently complain about a masculinity crisis among younger generations of men, but while feminists probably are succeeding somewhat in their efforts to feminize young men, their primary success has been in making women less feminine (H/T Vox Day): The … Continue reading

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There was an altercation down in Houston over the weekend that was caught on video and ended up as a story at the Daily Mail: Note that the woman spends the first minute of the video trying to get a … Continue reading

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Sarah was a doormat by Complementarian standards, as are her daughters.

At the core of Dr. Wayne Grudem’s theology of marriage is a table he frequently uses to describe the sins of husbands and wives: Aside from the implicit claim that headship and submission shouldn’t be offensive to our feminist sensibilities, … Continue reading

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