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Well behaved Karens seldom speak to the manager.

For readers who aren’t familiar with the Karen meme, check out this post (language warning) for a description and examples of the genre.  But in a nutshell there are two primary themes of the Karen meme: An entitled/pushy woman who … Continue reading

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The screech heard round the world.

Stop the economy!  I’ve got a baaad feeling! — The Left The best part of Greta Thunberg is that like David Hogg, she won’t go away once her moment of usefulness to the left has passed.  Not only did she … Continue reading

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A (new) child to save us.

Last post I noted the uncanny resemblance between Greta Thunberg and the “Fearless Girl” statue.  Another example of the bratty girl as savior archetype that is so common today is Laura from the movie Logan (violence warning): The symbolism of … Continue reading

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Fearless Girl come to life.

As for My people, children are their oppressors, And women rule over them. -Isaiah 3:12, NKJV Greta Thunberg has been all over the web the past few weeks, and after clicking on this story it struck me how much she … Continue reading

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Where most see girl power, Larry Kummer sees Dalrock’s Law of Feminism.

Feminism is the assertion that men are evil and naturally want to harm women, followed by pleas to men to solve all of women’s problems. — Dalrock’s Law of Feminism Larry Kummer describes the movie Mad Max:  Fury Road Fury … Continue reading

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