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This is what a feminist looks like.

I thought I was done with Wonder Woman, but yesterday’s Wonder Woman Op Ed by Jessica Bennett at the NYT is too hilarious not to share.  See the accompanying photo, described as: Attendees of an all-women screening of “Wonder Woman” … Continue reading

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Rescuing Wonder Woman from the Ugly Feminists.

The LA Times has an article up describing how the cast of Wonder Woman downplayed the feminist aspect of the movie at a recent premier: Despite the obvious girl power on display, many of the film’s stars and creators shied … Continue reading

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How much girlpower is too much?

Trailer #2 for the upcoming Transformer movie includes an industrial strength dose of girlpower: The comments on youtube are brutal, including this one from Infamous Greed: I was hoping for some robot on robot beat down, then they had to … Continue reading

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Hacksaw Ridge

Note:  Minor plot spoilers to follow.  You may want to watch the movie before reading this post. I had the chance to catch Hacksaw Ridge the other day, and it is an extremely powerful movie.  I was a bit leery … Continue reading

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Hot Crazy Feminism vs Dumpy Lesbian Feminism

As I explained back in August, the real problem with the Ghostbusters reboot was not that it was too feminist for audience sensibilities.  The real problem was that the women in ghostbusters didn’t look hot while they were playing the … Continue reading

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