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He’s a bully.

The British tabloids are out for blood after a video surfaced of an army bayonet instructor yelling at a female recruit. The headline in the Sun reads: Bully army corporal reduces female recruit to tears in harrowing training video Harrowing … Continue reading

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Tackling the patriarchy, holding the door open for trannies.

Last week the media was aflutter with the news that the Boston Marathon was formally inviting transvestites to compete.  If you wondered who to thank for this latest example of progress, you can thank chivalry.  As the Boston Herald explains … Continue reading

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Huge improvements! But don’t worry, nothing is changing.

The USMC puts on a clinic on how to lower standards to accommodate women while denying that anything is being done to accommodate women.  From Infantry Officer Course lowers requirement for hikes.  Brig. Gen. Jason Q. Bohm leads the way, explaining that … Continue reading

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Setting a record in trailblazing.

On September 21, 2017 the Washington Post triumphantly announced that the first woman had completed the Marine Infantry Officer Course: In a historic first, the Marine Corps plans to assign a female officer to the infantry following her anticipated graduation from … Continue reading

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What can’t continue, won’t.

Larry Kummer at Fabius Maximus responds to the illogical modern conservative position in Modern women say “follow the rules while we break them”. Kummer points out that the position modern conservatives are trying to conserve (feminism plus chivalry) is inherently unstable, … Continue reading

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