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Complementarianism on women in the military.

Biblical complementarity is not fundamentally about what opportunities women must forgo, but what responsibilities men must take up. — Dr. Jason K. Allen, President of Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary As I’ve noted before, Complementarians live in a fantasy land where … Continue reading

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Courtesy of Instapundit, Jim Treacher explains that Some Critics Like Captain Marvel, and Some Critics Hate Women: I mean, did these morons see the same Captain Marvel I saw? (No, I haven’t seen it yet, and that’s hardly the point.) … Continue reading

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Revisiting the subject of women and the draft.

The recent court ruling on women and selective service caused me to revisit my 2015 post on the subject, The fantasy of drafting women: We may see selective service changed to include women as well as men. We may even … Continue reading

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A few more Warhorn notes.

I see that I missed a snarky tweet from Warhorn the other day: Dalrock postures and bristles before even listening to our podcast. — Warhorn Media 📯 (@warhornmedia) February 26, 2019 It is true that I have said I … Continue reading

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Warhorn interview: Male responsibility and female agency.

For context see this post.  You can also see the whole series. This is I believe our longest exchange, and I’ll apologize in advance for any difficulty my readers have keeping track of who wrote what.  However, I think at the … Continue reading

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