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Chick porn

In noticed this yesterday as number eight in the Kindle top 100 paid list Prick: A Stepbrother Romance.  The book description reads: I can’t stop thinking about that prick. Caulter Sterling is a prick. A filthy-mouthed, womanizing, crude, spoiled, arrogant prick. The … Continue reading

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Don’t judge a book by its cover

The most common complaint in the comboxes of Matt Walsh’s criticism of Fifty Shades of Grey is that Walsh has not actually read the book.  50SOG is according to its defenders a work which must be experienced to be understood. … Continue reading

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It didn’t originate with the marketers, but that doesn’t make them blameless.

I thought I was done with this, but I see that Matt Walsh is continuing with his insistence that marketers are the reason women behave badly. Imagine the message that would send. Imagine the Hollywood elites as they look at one … Continue reading

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Yiayia wouldn’t approve

In Repackaging feminism as Christian wisdom I pointed out that our great grandmothers understood the nature of women’s temptation to sin.  What is fascinating is we know this, even though we have forgotten what our great grandmothers knew.  There is a kind … Continue reading

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Christian blank slatism.

I started this as a comment in the discussion of my previous post.  However, given the difficulty many had spotting the problem with Walsh’s framing I think this is worth pulling out as a separate post. There is a sort of … Continue reading

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