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Warhorn interview: What does a man need to do to live a satisfying and productive life?

For context regarding this series see this post.  You can also see the whole series. [—————————Begin my email to Nathan—————————] @Nathan 4. What does a man need to do to live a satisfying and productive life in today’s culture? 5. What does a … Continue reading

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The chivalric rules of love.

French poets, in the eleventh century, discovered or invented, or were the first to express, that romantic species of passion which English poets were still writing about in the nineteenth. They effected a change which has left no corner of … Continue reading

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Is Christian marriage only for elite women?

Love one another with brotherly affection. Outdo one another in showing honor. –Romans 12:10, ESV Last week Pastor Michael Foster and I had an excellent exchange in the comments of my post Unless the men are *Christian*. The discussion was … Continue reading

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Loud and proud complementarians: No more taboos.

Secular gay activists have worked for decades to remove the taboo from homosexuality.  “Loud and Proud” is their motto, and now Christian gay activists are doing the same work in conservative churches.  Eve Tushnet writes in There’s a Place for Us: … Continue reading

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Russell Moore: We lost the culture war. Now prepare to welcome the “refugees”!

In June of 2015 Dr. Russell Moore wrote in the Washington Post:   Why the church should neither cave nor panic about the decision on gay marriage. As I write this, the Supreme Court has handed down what will be … Continue reading

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