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Headship sleight of hand

Cane Caldo explains in I Am Not Called to “Lead” in the Bible: Our age’s focus on a husband’s leadership is a clever redirect away from the Biblical command for wives to submit and obey. Every instance of Biblical instruction … Continue reading

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Experts at failing.

The Other McCain has a post up about a woman (Julia Baugher) whose profession is giving life advice, even though her own life is an absolute train-wreck.  The post titled Fame Whore Update: Relationship Expert Fails and Good-Bye, ‘Reasonable’ Man is worth … Continue reading

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Percentage of US population over 15 who were married by sex and race, 1950–2017

I decided to take another crack at the marital status data by race and ethnicity that I shared on Friday.  Instead of creating multiple charts for each group, I charted all groups at once, only tracking the percent married value.  … Continue reading

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US Marital Status Data Through 2017

I stumbled upon some new marital status data over at the US Census, and thought I’d share the charty goodness.  First up is the median age of marriage, going back to 1890: From the accompanying spreadsheet, you can see that … Continue reading

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The wages of wooing.

In my last post I offered an example of alpha widowhood.  Marrying such a woman represents a real danger for men, and the risk of this is greatly increased by the mind frame of courtly love. Infogalactic lists the stages … Continue reading

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