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Marriage strike paradox.

Commenter astrapto asks in response to Percentage of U.S. women never married, by age, 1980 & 2015 3. Instead of showing men on a marriage “strike”, it is clear that there are plenty of thirsty men quite happy to wife up … Continue reading

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Clearing the Christian marriage market.

Pastor Doug Wilson tackles the very real problem of delayed marriage in: 7 Reasons Young Men Should Marry Before Their 23rd Birthday. We do have a pressing problem. According to The Atlantic, right now the average age for a first … Continue reading

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Supply and demand in the marriage market.

My last post Starting young featured a five year old girl who was already practicing saying no to prospective suiters.  As Elusive Wapiti pointed out, it is fairly evident that she has been coached, most likely by her mother.  The … Continue reading

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Polygamy ahead?

Vox Day seems to argue in The economics of polygamy that we can expect to see women push for legalization of polygamy.  Part of his argument is that men have wised up to women using marriage/divorce as a wealth transference … Continue reading

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Clarification on my position on a marriage strike.

Fellow blogger Deansdale made an excellent point in the comments section to Driving a stake in the heart of the US marriage strike myth. I’ll begin with admitting that I have not read the whole post. Usually I applaud thorough … Continue reading

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