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The sound of a rebellious woman

She was loud and rebellious, Her feet would not stay at home. — Proverbs 7:11  NKJV Some time back DeNihilist linked to a blog post titled:  21 Signs You’re A Rebellious Woman (language warning).  The post begins by explaining that … Continue reading

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She who must be obeyed.

One thing I have to admit about Pastor Driscoll is that he is an incredibly talented preacher.  Part of this is his unmatched charisma and a gift for teaching.  He also has a highly developed understanding of his audience, and he knows how … Continue reading

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Oh Lord, it’s hard to be humble…

I came across this while researching Pastor Driscoll’s apologies for one of my two final posts in the series. Relevant magazine links to a Driscoll sermon from 2007 titled A Rebel’s Guide to Joy and Humility.  Driscoll starts by jokingly … Continue reading

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Message received.

I’ve referenced Pastor Driscoll’s sermon Men and Marriage in several recent posts.  This is the sermon to watch, or better yet, read, if you wan’t to understand what I was describing in The only real man in the room.  In this sermon Driscoll opens … Continue reading

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Driscoll, where do baby-mamas come from?

Just one week after explaining that good Christian men can’t find wives because they unrealistically expect one who doesn’t already have another man’s children, Driscoll explained that women have no choice but to have children out of wedlock because there are no good men … Continue reading

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