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There was no sobbing or squealing, and Merlin was magnificent.

Following my original post on Dunkirk, I have now seen the movie (twice).  I am pleased to report that not only was there no sobbing in the theater, but there was no squealing when Harry Styles came on screen. It … Continue reading

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Does this mean there wasn’t any sobbing?

My wife found a hilarious review of Dunkirk by a feminist named Mehera Bonner at Marie Claire:  I Think ‘Dunkirk’ Was Mediocre at Best, and It’s Not Because I’m Some Naive Woman Who Doesn’t Get It As you can see … Continue reading

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How to spot a player.

A frequent question in the sphere is how to help young women spot a player.  The answer is he will be that perfect boyfriend she has been searching for.  Laura Fraser at Marie Claire describes the experience (H/T Vox & … Continue reading

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Why so many wives wish their husbands would cheat.

A number of readers have pointed out the article on Huffington Post:  I Just Wish He Would Have An Affair!  Click the link for the full post, but in a nutshell it describes the surprisingly common phenomenon of wives expressing … Continue reading

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Is frivolous divorce overstated in the manosphere?

In Susan Walsh’s recent post The Grim Beeper, Doug1 made a comment about frivolous divorce (H/T Rmaxd): Men are shattered and blind sided by divorce far more than women are. Usually the woman you files for divorce has slowly been … Continue reading

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