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Remaking the princess, evicting the prince.

Disney has a new television program about a young princess in training titled Sofia The First.  Nancy Kanter (Senior Vice President, Original Programming and General Manager, Disney Junior Worldwide) explained when announcing the series at the Huffington Post that as … Continue reading

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Red pill bitterness

Several readers have asked me to elaborate on a point I made in Backlash against the Christian Manosphere regarding “the red pill” and empathy for women.  See the previous post for full context, but my point was regarding this post by Samson’s … Continue reading

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The Long March of Envy.

While the official claim is that integrating women into combat roles is to provide the largest possible pool of capable forces to draw from, nearly no one takes this seriously.  Most who support the move will fairly quickly change their … Continue reading

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My comment to Zippy Catholic

Update:  Zippy and I have agreed to disagree. Here is my most recent comment to Zippy at his site: Dalrock: I presume it is mutual that we are past the point where we might have a beer (or a scotch) … Continue reading

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Hostage negotiator for life?

Society has seen fit to hand wives the option to destroy their families on a whim in an effort to give them power over their husbands.  In order to maximize the credibility and effectiveness of this threat, the church has … Continue reading

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