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Shooting an AR 15 made him emotional, and then the internet was mean to him.

Not quite back on topic but moving in that direction… Yesterday Gersh Kuntzman with the New York Daily News wrote about his emotional reaction to firing an AR 15: Squeeze lightly on the trigger and the resulting explosion of firepower … Continue reading

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How to be a hero.

As feminists have run out of institutions to mark as feminine in their futile effort to abate their driving pangs of envy, they have more and more turned to marking men themselves as feminine.  Part of this no doubt is … Continue reading

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What started out as a seemingly harmless fiction was merely the early stages of an all out jihad against manly pride. Eighty-eight years after we pretended that Earhart was like Lindbergh because a man flew her across the Atlantic, we … Continue reading

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Why am I so much better than other men?

I already offered this as a comment at Instapundit, but since I don’t have a new real post to offer I thought I would put this up to at least allow for new discussion.   Instapundit’s post is itself a link … Continue reading

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Sunday Morning Cartoons

In a previous post I introduced the term cartoonish chivalry.  Today I want to explain it a bit further, and at the same time explain why we see so much of it.  There are three primary roots of cartoonish chivalry, … Continue reading

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