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Taylor Swift catches up with Russell Moore and the SBC.

Hat Tip Instapundit.   Related:  Adam and Steve jokes aren’t PC.

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Not heterosexuality but holiness

As I’ve outlined my series on Loud and Proud Complementarians there is a striking connection between the complementarian movement and activism for conservative churches to accept homosexuality.  In a nutshell, complementarians are now doing regarding homosexuality what they have done … Continue reading

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Loud and proud complementarians: Holy homosexuality.

On the fringes of complementarian homosexual activism is the idea that while gay sex is sinful, gayness as an orientation is holy.  Dr. Albert Mohler describes this sentiment coming out of the Revoice conference last year: In one of the … Continue reading

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Christian hospitality requires accommodating gay sex.

Hospitality is the buzzword complementarians use to normalize homosexuality and demand that Christian parents provide gays with special access to our children.  I’ve previously shared where Rosaria Butterfield and Pastor Sam Allberry (both of the ERLC) make this case.  Pastor … Continue reading

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I wonder who he has in mind?

As I’ve noted before Pastor Sam Allberry has pushed for Christian families to give gay Christians like himself trusted access to our children.  Via his Living Out Church Audit he and The Gospel Coalition’s (TGC) Tim Keller insist that every … Continue reading

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