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A very long season (part 2).

Put on then, as God’s chosen ones, holy and beloved, compassionate hearts, kindness, humility, meekness, and patience, –Colossians 3:12, ESV In part 1 I described the feminist life script of women delaying marriage as long as possible, and the modern … Continue reading

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A very long season (part 1).

For several decades now the feminist life script for women has been to delay marriage as long as possible to focus on education, career, travel, and sexual experience. Many have mistaken this strategy by feminists as signaling that they don’t … Continue reading

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Feminist Atlantic waxes conservative.

The Atlantic has a love-hate relationship with men’s economic contributions.  The magazine alternates between gloating that feminism has destroyed men’s economic status once and for all, and worrying that men are no longer fulfilling their traditional roles as bread winners. … Continue reading

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Harming your kids for attention and profit.

Not all women are cut out to be professional divorcées.  While she may lack talent and want to be a writer, a woman may find she never pretended to make a lifelong commitment.  Such women are often relegated to the … Continue reading

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Brothers Grimm Marry Him

Long before Lori Gottlieb wrote her famous book, indeed long before the Brothers Grimm wrote this tale down, German parents were warning their daughters about the danger of becoming overly picky when selecting a husband.  Today’s tale is called King … Continue reading

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