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Sure his theology is bad, but he has great taste in TV!

In my recent post An invitation to Pastor Wilson’s defenders I challenged Wilson’s defenders to do any of the following: Point out any instances where I criticized Wilson without providing a direct quote. Point out any time that I have misquoted … Continue reading

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Every woman’s battle.

Lori Alexander warns wives in her excellent post Discontentment is a Marriage Killer: Eve stopped being thankful for the position that God put her into in the garden and seeds of discontentment were placed in her mind that reaped tragic consequences. … Continue reading

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Mama ain’t happy.

Sheila Gregoire and her fellow Christian Feminists are putting complementarians on notice. Recently she retweeted a call for male allies to fight the patriarchy: This thread will break your heart. We need more men to be allies to push back … Continue reading

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If she can’t demand a husband then how do we expect her to demand salvation?

Lori Alexander quoted my post as well as many of the replies in her recent post What Men Thought of My Viral Post.  One woman responded to this most recent post by explaining that since she deserves salvation even though … Continue reading

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The cost of sluthood.

Note:  I don’t think I’ve ever reposted a previous blog post before, but with the Christian feminist outrage over Lori Alexander’s sensible advice to young Christian women on how to compete for the best husbands I think this post from … Continue reading

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