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More on Liz Jones

Liz Jones is the well known columnist whom I referenced in the opening segment of my last post.  I thought I’d follow up with some links. Captain Capitalism wrote a post not too far back naming Liz as one of … Continue reading

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A proper dressing down for unchivalrous men.

Somewhere in the world a woman is upset!  What are you as lazy men doing to fix this? Sorry for being so harsh, but you men need to hear this.  I know I do.  For example, just the other day … Continue reading

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A post-marital spinster’s rationalization hamster in the final stages of exhaustion.

What Men Are Saying About Women has a post about aging feminist Liz Jones and her poor me piece last December in the Daily Mail:  Wish me a lonely Christmas and spare a thought for the millions of women like … Continue reading

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