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Rollo has a new book.

Word on the street is that Rollo has a new book: The Rational Male – Preventive Medicine

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Good stuff.

Likely the fastest growing Game site in the Manosphere, Just Four Guys has a new post up reworking the never married data I shared here.  I haven’t gone through the numbers close enough to vouch for them, but I think you … Continue reading

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It may be a while before I can write up a new post, but fortunately there is always plenty of excellent content around the sphere.  Feel free to suggest posts you think I or my readers would find of interest … Continue reading

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First linkage of the new year.

Linkage #1:  I imagine Tacomaster has already received more than his fill of advice by now, but after I gave my own response I asked Cane Caldo if he would be willing to offer his thoughts as well.  Cane has … Continue reading

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New addition to the blogroll; Society of Phineas

Ballista74 has been busy.  Check out his blog The Society of Phineas Also check out Bskillet’s latest post over at CMD-N:  Why Hamsterbation Causes Blindness

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