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The right has capitulated in the culture wars.

Larry Kummer of Fabius Maximus has a new post up today about a transgender Miss Universe contestant.  Click through to see the details, but I’ll share this bit of his analysis since it is spot on and relevant to recent … Continue reading

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Weak men really *are* screwing feminism up.

I have recently had the benefit of multiple email exchanges with Larry Kummer, Editor of the Fabius Maximus website.  What follows is an edited version of one such exchange, with Larry’s gracious permission.  Larry will be posting the same discussion on Fabius … Continue reading

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Fabius Maximus looks at post marriage America.

Larry Kummer at Fabius Maximus further explores the trend I described here in Becoming a post-marriage America: see the stories! Check out the excellent discussion at the bottom of Larry’s post as well.

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An unshakable faith in men’s benevolence. An inexhaustible supply of good will from men.

Feminism is ironically founded on an unshakable faith in the benevolence of men.  This is implicit in (as just one example*) the whole complaint about “rape culture”.  Feminists have faith that men will solve all of their problems, which is … Continue reading

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How women’s calculus of marriage shapes America

Check out Fabius Maximus’ milestone post on the gender wars:  See how women’s calculus of marriage shapes America The women of Generation X came as close as humanly possible to having it all — careers, children, marriage on their terms, divorce … Continue reading

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