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Scott is back.

I’m very pleased to see that Scott and his wife are back, at their new blogging home Morally Contextualized Romance.  I’ve added them to the blogroll, and you might want to stop by their new site and check it out.

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Rollo has a new book.

Word on the street is that Rollo has a new book: The Rational Male – Preventive Medicine

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Good stuff.

Likely the fastest growing Game site in the Manosphere, Just Four Guys has a new post up reworking the never married data I shared here.  I haven’t gone through the numbers close enough to vouch for them, but I think you … Continue reading

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It may be a while before I can write up a new post, but fortunately there is always plenty of excellent content around the sphere.  Feel free to suggest posts you think I or my readers would find of interest … Continue reading

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First linkage of the new year.

Linkage #1:  I imagine Tacomaster has already received more than his fill of advice by now, but after I gave my own response I asked Cane Caldo if he would be willing to offer his thoughts as well.  Cane has … Continue reading

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