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Discontentment is both the input and the output of feminism.

Larry Kummer writes in Feminism has given us successful girls and broken girls: Summary: I have two grown boys. The most frequent comment I get from parents who have daughters: you are so lucky; teenage girls are so difficult. The … Continue reading

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Word has it there is a tip jar.

I just noticed that I missed a response yesterday by The Other McCain to my post Insta-Whores: Is money the real problem? Other men, perhaps much better men than me, have fared far worse in their marriages, and as I am … Continue reading

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Deep Strength’s book is now available.

Deep Strength’s much anticipated book is now available! From Deep Strength’s post announcing the book: ———————- Deep Strength ———————- The book is now up on Amazon! The Biblical Masculinity Blueprint: A Christian Man’s Guide to Attraction, Relationships, and Marriage in … Continue reading

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Stepping away for a bit.

I’ll be turning on moderation around 9:00 PM this evening and won’t be turning it off until Sunday evening or Monday.  I’ll probably do the same for the latter part of next week as well. In the meantime you may … Continue reading

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The right has capitulated in the culture wars.

Larry Kummer of Fabius Maximus has a new post up today about a transgender Miss Universe contestant.  Click through to see the details, but I’ll share this bit of his analysis since it is spot on and relevant to recent … Continue reading

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