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Don’t play hard to get.

Robert Stacy McCain gets close, but misses the fact that women’s sexual impulses are no more naturally “pure” than men’s sexual impulses. What feminist ideology tells young women they should do — being sexually “empowered” and expecting this empowerment to … Continue reading

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Coveting sin: The Law of the Double Standard.

It has long been obvious to me that whenever the topic of the sexual double standard is raised the end result is a rush towards female sexual immorality.  The correlation here is perfect, but the mechanism had until just recently … Continue reading

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We are trapped on Slut Island and Traditional Conservatives are our Gilligan

I know for many of you this really isn’t a bad place.  If you are a feminist or a player, this is pretty close to paradise.  But if you are like me you very much want to leave.  Everyone always … Continue reading

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