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Hold her beer and watch this.

Laura Lifshitz is back, asking Do the Men Move on First Before the Women, After Divorce? Every time I have told someone about the divorce, all I hear is, “He will move on before you. The men always do.” Or, … Continue reading

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Why can’t I write without being written about?

Laura Lifshitz fails to honor my right to write without being written about in What It’s Like to Be an Evil Jewish Divorcee: A group of supposed “Christian” men bantered back and forth under a blog written with the sole … Continue reading

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“The Writer” writes

As I’ve noted previously, Robert Stacy McCain* brilliantly describes what he calls “The Writer” in ‘Broken People,’ Cats and Prozac.  There are several very common characteristics of “The Writer” which McCain has noted.  One of them is their education: See, this is the … Continue reading

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Laura Lifshitz hits the bigtime

Divorce is big business, and this isn’t limited to the family courts and the wide range of cogs in the machinery that destroys families.  When women aren’t destroying their own families, they like to read, watch, and think about other … Continue reading

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