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Reconciling old and new conservative views.

Stephen Green has a post up at Instapundit on the US Submarine force’s failure to meet the needs of women.  Not all women who want to serve on submarines are given slots, and thus the Submarine Community Can’t Meet Demand … Continue reading

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Instapundit ran a post yesterday about the controversy the director of the latest movie in the Terminator series is trying to generate around the fact that the movie features a standard issue kickass female lead.  As I write this there … Continue reading

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As I showed in my last post the movie Indivisible teaches a well worn and well loved modern Christian message that God wants wives not to submit to their husbands, but to threaten their husbands to make them change. The … Continue reading

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The day chivalry killed chivalry.

Back in January of 2016, Mr. Gabe Jones of Those Catholic Men declared in Women Don’t Deserve Combat that chivalry died on Dec 3, 2015: December 3, 2015 ought to be remembered as the date that any remaining vestiges of our country’s … Continue reading

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You can’t argue with the boy.

Somewhere in Texas, on a Dalrock family road trip, my wife and children were having breakfast at the motel breakfast bar while I caught a few extra minutes of sleep.  An elderly couple asked a family with three girls what … Continue reading

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