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A very long season (part 1).

For several decades now the feminist life script for women has been to delay marriage as long as possible to focus on education, career, travel, and sexual experience. Many have mistaken this strategy by feminists as signaling that they don’t … Continue reading

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Are all women addicted to aloof jerks?

In response to my last post several readers challenged my observation that Lenti is an addict of asshole game, arguing that all women are like Lenti in this regard. Damn Crackers argued: ALL women are addicted to asshole, aloof game. … Continue reading

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Feminist Atlantic waxes conservative.

The Atlantic has a love-hate relationship with men’s economic contributions.  The magazine alternates between gloating that feminism has destroyed men’s economic status once and for all, and worrying that men are no longer fulfilling their traditional roles as bread winners. … Continue reading

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Option A or option B?

When preparing for my last post I came across an interview of Kate Bolick by Edith Zimmerman at The Hairpin:  Kate Bolick on Refusing to Settle (Part One).  Zimmerman describes two options for dating and family formation (emphasis mine): …for people who … Continue reading

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Women’s morphing need for male investment.

In a previous post I discussed the importance of male investment in women’s intrasexual status competition.  This investment can range from the validation which comes from being selected for a one one time hookup, all the way to the very … Continue reading

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